Let’s Get Contagious!

As we all know, people are the most important resource found at the disposal of any business. Essentially, they are the face of the company! Just to keep everyone on their toes, here are a few basic yet important qualities that will help you complete your duties with accuracy and integrity.


Passion is a product of appreciation for your job and dedication to see to it that the job is well done. Passionate employees go above and beyond the job description to ensure that the client is satisfied with the products and quality of the work. Instead of lamenting that a new day has started, a passionate employee looks forward to a new experience every day! Hopefully, you have a chosen a career path with EES that you are excited about! Remember that passion and positivity is transmitted from one individual to another. Let’s work on making passion contagious!


Humans are social beings. The quality of association boils down to mutual understanding and respect. Everyone in and out of the business premises needs to feel valued and respected regardless of the circumstances. There will always be projects that require employees to work as a team. As a matter of fact, there is no single service that can be completed without collaboration from different departments at EES. Respect involves being nice in behavior and words while always looking for the best way to solve differences that may emerge from day to day. Although respect is easier to deliver when you have previously received it, I would say that respect is a condition worth spreading!


One last food for thought, the difference between human beings and robots is the ability to think and act. Robots take orders and do not give them a thought before taking action. Moreover, they can sit idle as things get messed up. On the other hand, employees should be at the forefront of a job, ensuring that it is completed correctly with the resources and time provided. We all must remind ourselves (myself included!) that we should go the extra mile to satisfy the client’s needs as long as it is within ethical and legal boundaries. The initiative is all about going out of the way to offer a great service as well as enhance a superior customer experience! Circulate the initiative!

Finally, if you are in a management position here at EES, you should match the qualities of passion, respect, and initiative that you expect from others. It is no secret that what we do on the inside at EES ripples out into the community. If a company is wavering on the inside, the outside will see and feel its effects. For EES to deliver products and services to the clients effectively, we have to foster positive relations amongst ourselves! So…let’s all get contagious and pass on a little passion, respect, and initiative!

Yours Truly,

Mike Edwards



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